Open Source - Is it an alternative to Intellectual Property?

Session Description

- Basics of Open source. - How someone can put their innovation in open source. - What are the proses and cones! - Advantage / Disadvantage to put innovation as open source. - How to use open source available data. - Case study / Examples.

Date : 20-08-2020

Time : 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Venue : Virtual

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Ms. Gopi Trivedi

About Speaker : Ms. Gopi Trivedi, B. E.(Computer Engineering), Registered Patent Agent and LLB, a senior partner; and is heading Patent Department of Y.J.Trivedi & Co. Her academic qualification of being an Engineer together with a Patent Attorney with work experience in the legal field is itself a testimony to her being professionally surpassable. Adding to this, she also holds a CPVA (Certified Patent Valuation Analyst). Her wide knowledge in various areas of Science such as Engineering, Software, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals amongst others has led her to handle patent projects nationally and internationally and makes her the perennial favorite of all clients to cater to any Patent assignment. With this professional background, Ms. Trivedi has secured a grant of multifarious patents for her clients, belonging to all walks of industry, be it grassroots innovators, students, professors, domestic inventors, and those of multinational firms. Her involvement with students, professors, startup community and incubators, in terms of guiding them in their research work to improvise on their inventions has led to her empanelment at various Engineering Universities, Institutions, and Incubation Centers. Under her immaculate leadership, the young and dynamic team of attorneys and paralegal staff toil hard to ensure that every client receives undivided attention and benefits from her broad expertise. The unique combination of Science and Legal knowledge endows to serve efficiently in understanding the Innovator’s (clients) needs better and delivering technical protection through patent prosecution as well as legal enforcement of IPR rights. She is also a part of her firm’s IP Valuation & Management team and has been advising clients with her technical inputs.

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